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Expertise Of Indian Tailor
At Your Doorstep

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An Assistance That You Need!

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Personal Touch

Personalize everything, from fabric, buttoning, style, to lining, back vent, and lapel style. The suit and shirt are created according to your style and fit preferences.

Stitching & Fabric Quality

We at Rightman Apparel provide 100% premium quality and quality stitching. No loose threads or faulty stitching, everything will be flawless and seamless.

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Perfect Fitting

Nothing fits like a glove other than a tailor-fit suit. The tailor will take all the measurements - shoulder length, sleeve length, coat length, and all other body measurements. You’ll have a perfect fit that needs no alterations.

Hassle-Free Service

Everything at the comfort of your home! From tailor visit to trial and delivery, everything will be fulfilled at our end without you stepping out of your house.

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Book An Appointment Now!

You will receive all the details on your provided contact number.

You’ll be informed about the tailor visit through message.

Our tailor will pay a visit, and go over the fabrics, design details, and measurements while keeping you aligned with the latest trends.

RMA Delivery

The apparel will be sent to you for trial and delivery!


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